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About Electrical Business Community

The Electrical Business Community is for Electricians who have their own business (or are looking to start on their own).

Our Guides, Books and Membership are based on the FLOWING method, which is a 7 step, clear method of systemising your Electrical Business.

The FLOWING method is derived from the years of trial and error, plus lessons learnt by Simon Barker in his own Electrical Business.

Simon has been an Electrician since 1988 in many World Class industries, plus 3 years in Software Engineering. So Electrical Business Community is a merge of multiple disciplines, learnt from various concepts that Simon has learnt.

Like you, he also wanted nothing more than to get his evenings and weekends back, but didn't want to pay an expensive developer or take on expensive employees. So these practical solutions overcome that while still ensuring that happy customers are the top priority.

As well as producing various solutions online, Simon also appears at various Events across the UK. Look out for an event near you in future ...


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