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3 Simple Reasons Why Electricians Go Out Of Business

I'm sure you already know the general stats that most small businesses go under in the first three years, and that most (90%) won't last for ten years.

But for Electricians specifically, there's some things that cause this which really should not! Yes, there's some things so ridiculously simple that make a difference to success or failure!

While I would agree that the main culprits are Leads, Prices and Cashflow, I'm going to look at some that are less commonly stated, but just as lethal ...

Simple Reason 1 - Acknowledgement

If you don't acknowledge your customer FAST at each step of the way then you'll have wasted the money you spent on gaining them. Instead they'll go to whoever cares the most. This is so simple yet people miss it! For example, a simple autoresponder email to say that you have received their message and will get back to them the same day. Or a call to say that you are waiting a part price, but will be back to them as soon as you have it. And so on. So that way, they are not wondering if you even got their message!

Simple Reason 2 - Simplicity

No customer wants an Electrician to be hard work! If you make it hard for your customers to contact you. Or make it hard to get a quote from you. Or if you just ask too many questions before you give a price, and so on. They'll get frustrated with the experience. So the Electrician that makes the whole experience from start to finish as quick and simple as possible (whether you help them or they help themselves!) is on to a winner.

Simple Reason 3 - Admin

All those chores that take forever to do! This means that you end up with a huge task list. If you don't do these the simple way, you'll run out of time! Some things will be forgotten. Others will get messed up. This means that your customers get annoyed and you get no time to yourself at evenings and weekends! You end up working round the clock and the stress shows! Of course this all adds to the expense too (Your time or someone else's).

If you found this article useful, you might like to download my guide on How to Systemise your Electrical Business at No or Low cost.

But what do you think of this list? What else would you add?

Hit Reply and drop me a line with your own comments and experiences. I'd love to know.


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