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3 Reasons Why Certificate Software Is Essential For Electricians

Whether you are using paper certificates for your jobs, or an Electronic version, I wanted to mention just THREE of the main reasons why Electronic certificates are the way to go (even more so these days) ...

Maybe you are used to paper version and are comfortable with the routine you have?

Or maybe you have been considering Electronic certificates (there are several options out there) but needed more information?

Perhaps after reading these reasons you might be more convinced to jump ship from paper certificates to Electronic certificates?

And doing so can even save you money!

Many of the solutions available now cost less for a subscription that what it would cost to buy the paper version.

So here's just 3 of my reasons for jumping from paper systems to Electronic:

Reason 1 - Backup (No filing cabinet needed!)

If you select one of the better solutions for your Electronic certificates, then these are "cloud" based and all the certificates can be easily viewed on any device. you can also send your customer the link to this so that they can view it this way. No more printing, no more filing cabinets! And you can back them up in other places such as dropbox too. Happy days

Reason 2 - Templates

Once you get used to doing the different certificates Electronically, you will soon be doing them faster than you previously hand wrote them. But there's another massive boost to be had. Once you realise you are doing a lot of old 5 or 6 way wylex fuseboards, or a lot of newer 10 way split load distribution boards, you can save a template with that board layout. This means you just open up a new certificate and complete the blanks. Lazy? Yes! Time Saver? Oh, yes!!

Reason 3 - Sharing

With the right software (which happens to be the ones that cost LESS than paper certificates!!) you can have someone on site doing the testing and then a Qualified Supervisor can finalise the report at the office by simply Importing that certificate to his/her device in ONE click. It's never been so easy!

Electrician's Business M.A.C.H.I.N.E. goes DEEP into ALL the aspects of this and makes sure that you don't struggle alone! It's what I use in my own Electrical Business today.

Do you already use Certificate software? If so which one?

If you don't use one, you can see my recommended list inside of the Electrician's Business Machine Model.

Thanks for reading,


P.S. I'm adding a discount code for Certificate Software soon, which will be exclusive to my customers (I arranged a "better than usual" deal) :-)


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